Etiquette Boss: Enter a room confidently

POSTURE AND DEPORTMENT: Most people enter a room ‘full body,’ meaning, you notice them completely at first glance. Others enter ‘shoulder first’ if they are not feeling confident, or if they want to “sneak in” to a meeting due to a late arrival.

‘Hip First’ is the manner of the confident. They enter with a stride … the leg and hip enter the room slightly before the shoulder. It is the opposite to the hesitant, ‘shoulder first’ entry.

Those who enter ‘full body’ are adopting the normal posture of the masses: Nothing impressive in that entrance.

How do you enter a room? The next time you do so at a public gathering, take note of your posture. It may surprise you. If you want to appear strong and confident, enter with legs straight, and your shoulder following your leg instead of preceding it. It is a slight difference in posture, but a huge one in its effect on the way you are perceived.

Sitting: Gentlemen who sit upright, hands on both thighs, appear much more in control and confident than those who slouch. At the same time, a man who has an impressive attitude should be quick to stand when greeting a lady or to engage in conversation with another man. Hands on both thighs makes it easier to propel the body upward than trying to stand only by using the leg muscles.

Ladies should practice sitting without back bending: No bent back while walking, sitting or standing. Sit with a stooping motion and rest both hands on the arms of the sofa or chair for support, if needed. With one smooth motion, sit on the edge of the chair and slide toward the back at a slight angle.

BEAUTY TIPS: Copy a spa treatment for cellulite at home by mixing one cup of corn oil with a half cup of grapefruit juice and two teaspoons of dried thyme. Massage into hip, thigh and buttocks. Cover with plastic wrap or add extra heat by using a heating pad for five minutes over each area.

To create a tinted lip gloss in your favorite shade mix a touch of the lipstick with petroleum jelly and apply after applying lipstick. Your lips will look more luscious.

Give the illusion of fuller lips by placing a small amount of orange or red lipstick in the center of the lips.

Remove redness from pimples by applying a small amount of Visine to the pimple.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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