Etiquette Boss: Happy New Year

I ought to wish you the traditional “Happy New Year” greeting, but that is a bit generic, so this is my heartfelt wish for 2016. I wish you a “miraculous” year.

Regardless of what your prognosis, diagnosis or disappointments were in 2015, I wish you a 2016 in which the tide turns upstream.

The scripture that says “with God, all things are possible” still holds true for all things, regardless of what mankind has told you to the contrary. I wish you a minimum of 10 years youthful regression in your body and mind.

If a 100-year-old man can run a marathon, after starting at 82, and also reverse his bone density to that of a man in his twenties, so can you. He is not some special bionic species.

In other words, set no limits on your goals for 2016. If you failed in 2015, like I did at the gym, “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again” like I intend to do in 2016. To those of you who resist gym membership, I was amazed to see a friend lose 30 pounds, and 100 tons of negative self-esteem, by simply simulating rope jumping.

The entire arm swinging and jumping movements are done many times daily until she boasts she can now easily jump 1,000 jumps per day: Ten times 100, but she started with 25, then 50 and increased her count. There is always a way to accomplish your goals. Those whose knees prevent jumping: walk. Get moving in one area of your life and the other areas will follow suit.

I wish you a year in which new friends come into your life. Expand instead of contracting your life’s vision and refuse to be counted among the living dead. I wish you excitement and, best of all, I wish you love. My 85-year-old Dutch friend has helped me realize that we never cease yearning for romantic love. We often say that “age ain’t nothing but a number” but in 2016, may you realize the truth of this adage.

BEAUTY TIPS: Age-defying rituals for 2016

Stand on one foot every day. If you cannot stand on one foot with your eyes closed for five seconds, you are at risk for falling as you grow older.

To strengthen your stability, brush your teeth while standing on one foot. Stand near a wall for balance. This daily ritual will pay rich dividends by keeping you from becoming incapacitated in the future through a fall.

Jojoba Oil is a wonderful moisturizer for the face. Cleanse your face before bed religiously and apply a thin film of jojoba oil to promote smooth, conditioned skin.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International, New York.

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