68th Precinct cops, auxiliaries score cop of the month honors

Two 68th Precinct police officers and the precinct auxiliaries were feted at the most recent meeting of the precinct’s community council.

At the April 19 meeting, held in the station house, 333 65th Street, a spotlight was shone on Police Officer Brendan Bradley, who, said Captain Joseph Hayward, the precinct’s commanding officer, recently arrested the perpetrator in a domestic violence incident who was armed with a gun.

Responding to the scene, Hayward said, “[Bradley] observed the man pointing a black semi-automatic at the victim, and screaming, ‘No one is going to enter the apartment,’” before threatening to shoot anyone who did try to do so. In fact, said Hayward, the suspect did attempt to discharge his weapon in the direction of the home’s front door, but it misfired, and no one was injured.

Two guns were recovered at the home, Hayward added.

Also honored was Sergeant Derek Epstein who, Hayward said, in company with the officers in his team, arrested three individuals in connection with a rash of car break-ins – as many as 17 in one month in a single sector of the precinct.

As for the auxiliaries, as unpaid volunteers, they were singled out for their dedication to the precinct and the neighborhood.

“It’s an honor and a privilege for me to lead such fine young men and women,” noted Police Officer Yaser Shohatee, whose responsibilities include oversight of the auxiliaries assigned to the precinct. “I couldn’t ask for a better assignment. They are always there, they love it, they want to do more of it. God bless them for putting on this uniform to volunteer.”

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