62 Anti-Crime Team honored as Cops of the Month

The 62nd Precinct’s Anti-Crime Team took home Cop of the Month honors for all five of its officers at a precinct Community Council meeting on Tuesday, May 17.

Sergeant Jose Baez, Police Officer Thomas Citera, Police Officer Frank Mallimo, Police Officer Joseph Lavelle and Police Officer Joseph Notaro all received Cop of the Month distinction for the month of May for a number of notable arrests the team has made in recent weeks.

“With me tonight are the guys that really go out and are a reflection of who the community should be thanking,” said the 62nd Precinct’s commanding officer Captain Anthony Sanseverino. “The troops here tonight; it speaks thousands of words when we look at the work that these guys have performed.

“This month alone, [they’ve had] 33 arrests for the team,” he continued. “And it’s not just ‘go out and arrest.’ One of the things that we practice in the precinct is quality arrests.”

According to the captain, a recent notable arrest the team made involved a man who was arrested for gun possession two weeks prior to his most recent arrest and was involved in a shooting.

“These are the people that we try to take off the streets, [the ones] that are going to hurt people.” Sanseverino said. “I think of the team as a whole and the work that they’ve done for this community, and I’m proud to be their commanding officer.”

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