Officer who catches two perps after subway robbery earns Cop of the Month

For arresting two male perps who robbed a straphanger on the platform of the 36th Street train station on Fourth Avenue, Police Officer Frank Parisi of Transit District 34 earned Cop of the Month honors during the last 72nd Precinct Community Council Meeting until September.

“He made an outstanding collar,” said Lieutenant Mizbah Noor of Transit District 34 during the Tuesday, June 14 meeting at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 2805 Fort Hamilton Parkway. “There were a couple of guys that went down to the train station, approached a victim, robbed him and they ran upstairs. The victim came to Officer Parisi with a description. He was able to put it over the radio and with the help of the 72nd Precinct and everybody, apprehended those individuals.”

After the arrest, the officer noticed that the crooks were in possession of stolen cell phones and credit cards.

“I’m at 36th Street pretty much every day from 2  to 4:30 p.m.,” said Parisi. “I do the dismissal for Sunset Park High School and P.S. 371. I’ve been there everyday for three years. With the arrest, I couldn’t have done it without a civilian who helped me with the description and pointed out the two perps. The community is great.”

Captain Emmanuel Gonzalez applauded both Parisi and the collaboration of the departments. “These officers go down to the station all by themselves and they interact with the public. They go from one station to the next. [Officer Parisi] shows dedication,” he said. “The important part of this is that I need the community to understand that the NYPD is not three different police departments. We don’t work separately from the Transit Bureau. We work together and do a great job. Lieutenant Noor comes to my meetings almost on a weekly basis at the precinct.”

“The award means a lot. My brother received the same award about four years ago,” Parisi told the paper as he described the arrest. “The victim came up to me and told me exactly what happened and I got in the car and went after them. We ended up getting them at 39th street and Fifth Avenue.”

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