Local cop in the spotlight for gun arrest

A local cop was honored for his heroism at the most recent meeting of the 68th Precinct Community Council, where he was awarded the title of Cop of the Month for getting a loaded firearm — and several others, as well — off the streets of Bay Ridge after its owner threatened another person with it.

According to Captain Joseph Hayward, the 68th Precinct’s commanding officer, on Sunday, October 15, Police Officer Emmanuel Marcelino responded to “a domestic dispute” between the alleged perpetrator and a female friend.

The defendant pointed a loaded rifle at the woman, Hayward told the crowd gathered at the station house, 333 65th Street, for the November 15 meeting, “putting complete fear into the victim and saying he was going to kill her.”

In all, said Hayward, the defendant was found to be in possession of a loaded Savage Rifle as well as a Beristain shotgun and a pellet gun, plus a variety of ammunition.

“This guy was looking to cause problems, and this is the kind of job these guys respond to everyday. They get there, get the guy in custody, putting his own life in fear,” Hayward went on.

The suspect was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree, three counts of criminal possession of a firearm, one count of menacing in the second degree and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree.

Besides this arrest, Marcelino, Hayward said, has made over 108 arrests in his career.

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