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Scandinavian culture came to the fore in Ridge at debut Autumn Fest

The Scandinavian East Coast Museum (SECM) on Saturday, November 4 invited the community to revel in a brand new event called Autumn Fest.

The event – inspired by Scandinavian traditions and festivals across the globe like the Baltic Herring Festival in Finland, the Kivik Apple Market Festival in Sweden, moose hunting season in Norway and the Golden Days Festival in Denmark – served as a celebration of both culture and the season.

Festivities were held at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, located at the corner of Ovington and Fourth Avenues.

Activities included music and games, food, and a smorgasbord raffle, among other tried and true culture-specific traditions that gave it “a cozy feel, a festive feel,” according to SECM President Victoria Hofmo, who organized it.

“I think it was a very enjoyable event,” she added. “People had a good time. This was the first time we did it and we want to continue it in the future.”

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