With over 150 years of service, Dime Community Bank honored with special Kings of Kings Business Legacy Award

Dime Community Bank was in the spotlight as the recipient of Schneps Communications’ Business Legacy Award, reflecting the financial institution’s 153 years of service to the local community.

The award was presented during the Kings of Kings event, which was held on Thursday, November 9 at the Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Avenue. It was accepted by Michael Perez, senior vice president, director of retail banking for the bank.

Dime began as a neighborhood bank, and, over its history, has retained that distinction as it has grown and expanded to provide more people and businesses with a wider range of services, always retaining its focus on customer service and community engagement.

That has been joined, in the past three years, with a new focus — state-of-the-art technology to meet customers’ evolving needs, as Dime reinvents banking for the 21st century and strives to make money management – in all its aspects – easier for clients, whether in the commercial or retail banking aspects of the business.

Overall, the transformation — visible in sparkling new branches, on the bank’s website and via its mobile banking app —  is from being a traditional thrift institution to becoming a full-service community commercial bank, a metamorphosis that is welcomed by many long-standing customers who now can get everything they need at the same bank.

The change is apparent at Dime’s newest Brooklyn branches, 208 Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, and 214 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, where the bank emphasizes not only the latest technology but also a commitment to the communities it serves through state-of-the-art ATMs, self-service tablets and public wi-fi, plus a coffee service bar and comfortable seating in an open environment minus the plexiglass you usually see in bank branches, to create a space where customers and bank personnel can interact more naturally.

In addition, Dime Community Bank is also expanding its offerings for businesses, with the goal of offering one-stop financial services for businesses in the metropolitan area.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photo by Corazon Aguirre
BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photo by Corazon Aguirre

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