Dime Community Bank recognizes women of character, courage and commitment

Dime Community Bank is honoring 50 Dime women as part of National Women’s History Month.

Kenneth Mahon, president and chief executive officer of Dime Community Bank, noted, “As a community bank with a legacy of over 150 years of community service, Dime is proud to champion the accomplishments and contributions of women who work at Dime. We also join in with our local, national and international communities in recognizing the achievements and positive impact of women everywhere.”

During National Women’s History Month, which is taking place this month, Dime will be celebrating 50 women who have made a difference through a #DimeCelebratesWomen initiative.

Each day, Dime will highlight individuals who have demonstrated character, courage and commitment in their personal and professional lives. This diverse grouping of women who work at Dime Community Bank represents all levels, including branch managers, tellers, corporate positions and board members. Their tenure at Dime ranges from a few months to 40 years of experience.

“We acknowledge the achievements of women in the Dime workforce and the significant impact they’ve had on family members, other employees, customers and community members,” said Angela Blum-Finlay, executive vice president and chief human resources officer.

“In particular, each of these individuals has been recognized by their fellow Dime employees as a woman of outstanding character, courage and commitment.” Mahon added. “One of the critical strengths of any organization is its people. We are grateful for these 50 women of Dime and celebrate their important contributions.”

For details about the #DimeCelebratesWomen initiative, visit dime.com/dimecelebrateswomen.

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