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Food and Drink

— RIDGE NIGHTLIFE AND DINING: Super Bowl Sunday at Lonestar

— Downtown steakhouse shuts its doors

— DINING OUT: Fine Italian food with flair at Avalon

— DINING OUT: Taste and class at Sofia’s

— RIDGE NIGHTLIFE AND DINING: A royal treat for local families

— DINING OUT: How sweet it is at Little Cupcake Bakeshop!

— DINING OUT: Bravissimo to Zio Tot?!

— Wine and dine at Bay Ridge’s newest wine bar, The Owl’s Head

— DINING OUT: Take our BB’Cue to dine at LoneStar

— DINING OUT: Seafood and more at Beebo

— DINING OUT: Mangia bene! at Vaccaro’s

— New Corner celebrates milestone with $19.36 dinners