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Politics & Government

Bay Ridge — Lawmakers demand Verrazzano toll discount for Brooklyn drivers

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge residents sick of sidewalks doubling as showrooms

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Sunset Park — The last straw: Mayor signs executive order limiting single-use plastics

Boroughwide — Brooklyn pol tapped to head new climate committee says city must focus on all waterfronts

Bay Ridge — Street safety advocates push for changes in driver’s licenses

Bay Ridge — Gounardes: Legislature ‘not a co-equal’ in budget process

Bay Ridge — Marty Golden receives Ronald Reagan Americanism Award from Kings County Conservatives

Bay Ridge — Pol’s Bay Ridge think tank takes deep dive into housing crisis

Bay Ridge — State budget filled with hidden taxes, Malliotakis says

Bay Ridge — Grimm considering second shot at return to Congress

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge activist alleges pol’s poll is skewed, cites social media block