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Politics & Government

Boroughwide — Parents step up fight with mayor over elite high school test

Greenpoint — Anticipating primary challenge, Lentol defends his record

Bath Beach — Rose, Brannan want guardrails installed on Belt Parkway

Boroughwide — U.S. Rep. Rose’s gun bill passes House Committee on Homeland Security

Boroughwide — Gounardes pushes MTA to make subways wheelchair-friendly

Boroughwide — Brooklyn councilmember takes on MLB’s rain delay policy

Boroughwide — It’s official: Hundreds more speed cameras are on the way

Boroughwide — Council considers taxpayer funds for armed guards at houses of worship

Bay Ridge — Brooklyn pol supports bill to ban sale of puppy mill dogs in New York pet shops

Bath Beach — Mourners hold vigil on Bath Beach corner where toddler was killed

Bay Ridge — Brannan blasts Board of Elections over Bay Ridge poll site snub

Bay Ridge — Could two-way toll on Verrazzano be used to reduce tolls for all drivers?