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62nd Precinct

Bay Ridge — Domestic Violence Unit lauded at joint community council meeting

Bensonhurst — Cop of the Month honored for arrests in drug dealing ring

Bensonhurst — Cops and Assemblymember Colton seek missing male

Bensonhurst — Blotter: 62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst — Bensonhurst bank burglarized

Bensonhurst — Police seek Bensonhurst flasher

— 62nd Precinct officer nabs Cop of Month award again

Bensonhurst — Blotter: 62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst — Cops in Bensonhurst nab suspect arrested in drug and weapon bust

Bensonhurst — NYPD seeks female wanted in connection with assault charges

Bensonhurst — P.S. 186 celebrates Reader’s Day with local V.I.P.s

Bensonhurst — Young members of Law Enforcement Explorers program honored during meeting