Gravesend — Police search for Marlboro Houses murder suspect

Sunset Park — Police arrest suspect in murder of woman in Sunset Park

Sunset Park — Brooklyn shooter convicted in home invasion murder of Queens father

Bay Ridge — UPDATE: Bay Ridge Shooting Victim Identified, Cops Still Seeking Perp

Bath Beach — Police arrests two suspects in connection to shooting murder of former NYPD civilian employee in Bath Beach

Sunset Park — Sunset Park resident stabbed to death outside old Crown KTV location

Dyker Heights — Woman, 22, indicted on charges of arson, murder after fatal Dyker Heights fire

Sea Gate — Seagate man faces life in prison for raping ex, slitting her friend’s throat with child in the other room

Dyker Heights — Stabbing spree inside Dyker Heights apartment leaves one woman dead

Sunset Park — Man sentenced to 40 to life in deadly shooting of 68-year-old man in Sunset Park

Sunset Park — Man convicted in deadly shooting of 68-year-old man in Sunset Park

Bay Ridge — Police still seeking suspect involved in murder of Bay Ridge woman