62nd Precinct

— Marine Park man charged with DWI, vehicular manslaughter after killing 56-year-old in Gravesend

Bensonhurst — Cops seek man behind attempted robbery and assault in Bensonhurst

— Cops seek robber who broke into Bath Avenue apartment building

Bensonhurst — Police seek suspect who forcibly touched a woman in Bensonhurst

Gravesend — Two teens steal tip jar from counter of Kings Highway Pizzeria, punch 68-year-old in the face

Bensonhurst — Three thirsty teens assault Bensonhurst liquor store cashier for Fireball

Bensonhurst — Bensonhurst apartment robbed of cash, coins and birth certificate

Bensonhurst — Man on federal probation busted for alleged drug ring in Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst — Cops: Benson Avenue altercation leads to assault with shoe

— Crack pipe-carrying thief caught after breaking into car on Bath Avenue

Gravesend — Man suffers seizures after Gravesend assault, three apprehended

Bensonhurst — Teens robbed of tech while playing ball on Bensonhurst court