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Bay Ridge — Rose Upsets Donovan in 11th Congressional District

Bay Ridge — Frontus Bests Saperstein in Assembly Race

Bath Beach — Gounardes Claims Victory in State Senate Race; Golden Waits on Paper Ballots

Bath Beach — Blue Wave Washes Ashore in Southwest Brooklyn

Bay Ridge — New Directions Seen In Political Focus of Home Reporter, Spectator

— Hunger Games: 2018 Vendy Awards Feature the Best of All Five Boroughs

Bath Beach — Frontus Clings to Slim Lead in 46th A.D. Race

Bay Ridge — Gounardes Poised to Challenge Golden in State Senate Race; 46th A.D. Race So Far Too Close to Call

Bay Ridge — Election Open House: State Senate Candidate Criticized for Entering Two-Family House Uninvited in Search of Votes

— Bringing the Roaring 20’s Back to Life on Governor’s Island

Bay Ridge — 68th Precinct Celebrates Neighborhood Policing Rollout

Sunset Park — Fighting for his Dreams: Piaras McGarry Trying to Make it as Mixed Martial Artist in America