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Coney Island — Parachute Jump lit gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness in memory of Sally Sunshine

Bay Ridge — Civic leaders and clergy go to Washington to plead the plight of Christians in the Middle East

Bay Ridge — Norwegian Christian Home Fall Festival brings a little bit of Scandinavia back to Bay Ridge

Boroughwide — “Sweet Sunrise Gala” raises funds for Sunrise Day Camp and pediatric cancer

Bay Ridge — Friends remember Sally Sunshine with gold and yellow ribbons

Brooklyn Heights — Samantha Hunt wins 2019 SFC Literary Prize for “The Dark Dark”

Sunset Park — Industry City & Sunset Park: Battle of control over future planning still wages in words

Sunset Park — Menchaca urges community unity to prevent ‘capitalistic animals’ from taking over Industry City

Bay Ridge — Eighth Annual ‘Funtasia’ fundraiser offers new hope for rare bone disease

Bay Ridge — Bay Ridge Eats for a Cause at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church

Bay Ridge — Greek philanthropist and Bridgeview Diner owner Dimitrios Kaloidis has died

Boroughwide — Pols debate proposed two-way tolling for Verrazzano