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Police & Fire

Bay Ridge — Police vow crackdown on reckless drivers

Bensonhurst — Crime down 10 percent in 62: Bensonhurst precinct celebrates new low in crime

Bay Ridge — Crime down 10 percent in 68: Putting the lid on crime in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights

Sheepshead Bay — Second person dead in wake of Sheepshead Bay restaurant hammer attack

Bay Ridge — Ridge resident, off-duty firefighter credited with overdose rescue outside Third Avenue bar

— Sunset resident, 27, dies from hit-and-run injuries

Sheepshead Bay — One dead, two critical after hammer attack inside Sheepshead Bay eatery

Bay Ridge — FOUND: 68th Precinct hopes to send lost dog ‘Homeward Bound’

Sunset Park — Victim of early morning Sunset Park hit-and-run in critical but stable condition

Marine Park — Thousands attend funeral for Marine Park firefighter killed in bridge fall

Bath Beach — 62 Precinct cops warn residents to beware of money scams; crooks pose as IRS agents, doctors, utility companies

Sunset Park — Car slams bus on Gowanus, teen driver jumps off highway