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68th precinct

Bay Ridge — Cops search for suspects who attacked, robbed women in Bay Ridge, Dyker

Bay Ridge — Cops arrest man for allegedly masturbating in front of children in Bay Ridge park

Bay Ridge — Cops seek man who groped woman inside Bay Ridge train station

Bay Ridge — Fire in Bay Ridge kitchen injures five

Bay Ridge — Cops arrest suspect for allegedly trespassing in Bay Ridge restaurant basement and stealing cash

Boroughwide — Police beat: Man arrested for allegedly attacking two people sitting in a car then driving away with it in Bensonhurst

Bay Ridge — Have you seen this pumpkin smasher? “The world is a vampire…” but some people are nice

Bay Ridge — Six people nabbed for drug possession in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge — Woman struck by car in Bay Ridge, driver arrested

Dyker Heights — Illegally parked trucks monopolize space along Dyker Park

Bay Ridge — Cops seek man for masturbating in front of children near Bay Ridge playground

Bay Ridge — Crooks pose as Fed-Ex employees, invade home, tie up victims and steal cash and jewelry in Bay Ridge; source claims inside job